Real Stories of Relationship Breakups
I had this great boy friend everything was fine then he turned into a jerk and started joking around saying im 2timing you and i dont love you! so i went up to him and poked him in the back and said your dumped and ever since he has fancied me!
Okay so my first BF ever his name is Michael campbell. well we went out for a while. we kissed alot an all but one day i was over my BFF house and i was standing by her side door an i looked out the window an there he is in this other girls backyard playing basketball an the shocker was i seen him kiss her, her name was ashley. i was so mad so the next day i got his picture ripped it up an threw it in his face. he asked me back out few months later but i turned him down. now that the years pasted i go out with this amazing guy he's 21 an i'm 16. i knew him for 3 yrs an so far we been going out for 7 months. we plan on getting married.
So i was dating this guy for FIVE YEARS. Count them 1 2 3 4 5! On our 5 year dating anniversary i was 17 years old. He decided to tell me that he was dating my best friend for a year. I through a plate of spaghetti at him, and i went home with the waiter that night.
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I was dating this guy named scott, and we wouldn't have even been together if my amber hadn't lied and said I liked
him. Anyways, we were dating for 2-3 weeks and I noticed him staring at my other best friend Bria. 2 days later he left a note on my desk saying " I WANT TO BREAK UP!" I was so depressed that I went EMO for awhile! SO one day in English class he writes me.." Are You Mad At Me?" I told him no cause I was KINDA over it.The note got taken by this girl in front of my and she wrote to him.." Do You Want To Go Out With Me? Yes or No?" and him bieing the IDIOT he was thought I was really me asking!!So the next day he puts another break up letter on my desk while I'm sitting in it!MORON! so as he went back to his seat I walked after him and said" We Were NEVER going back out"
he was like "Oh well I thought we were!" the next morning my friend told me that after we broke up the first time He asked HER out and i was so P*$#2!I went back into a depressionfor awhile. Then I found out I was MOVING! SO I told him I'd give him my cell# and on my last day of school he followed my around saying"LIAR!!!" so once we finally got moved up here I called him adn he said he couldn't recognize my voice at first cause I sounded happy!!LOL!so I found the night I called him he still had feelings for me! I STILL LOVE HIM THOUGH!
i was daATIN this rlly hott amazing guy named anthony, and we were going out rlly 1 yr... and one day he just wanted 2 go just way 2 far for me and so i said no and he just pushed me and we haven't see each other since!
ok so i was seeing this guy for about 2 months and everything was great...untill one night when my friend called while we were together. Shawn, the guy that i was with go really jelous and the next time we were together he said a whole 2 words to me in 4 hours! I was so mad but the whole time i was with him that night i kept on getting calls from my friend Donald. Well Shawn and i ended up going into town that night and when we did Donald called me again so i told him where we were and he came up there. By the time we got back to Shawns i was beyond mad because of the way he had been acting all night so i decided to leave. Well when i left i called Donald and told him about everything that had happened in the past few days. We ended up talking on the phone constantly for the next week before he asked me out on a date. The day after he asked me out on the date he ended asking me out. I said yes and weve been together ever since. Were happily in love and I am so glad that everything happened the way that it did!
well i was going out with this girl named nicole and well i didnt like her much for a while or the time being that we went out but she was the one that asked me out. well i eventually like broke up with her a week later. then found out she went for my best friend 3 days after we broke up. and then i ended up falling in love with her. and a year later i still have a thing for her... i miss her. haha ;P
I absolutly fell in love with this guatamalan girl with a perfect body, she was totally in to me and we dated for about 2 years. I asked her to marry me and she said yes. we were engaged for a month when i got sick and was stuck in the hospital for a week. she didnt call, didnt visit, didnt go to work during that time. i was back home away from work for a day when she finally called me. " youre too nice of a person and too easy to take advantage of" she said," i f$@#ed you buddies phil and steve" WTF i thought. so i call my friend phil and the first thing he says is WTF" why did you say those mean things to clara? and why did you go on vacation with some little whore from a bar?" of course im totally confused and explain my side too him. "omg im so sorry dude, i thought you broke it off with her..." turns out she told steve the same thing... so... i dont talk to any of them anymore, i bought a motorcycle, named it clara, got 5 tattoos, got some peircings, got a new girl and have never been happier...
well i was aksed out by this guy nd i wanted to say no but it came out yes. so lik 5 minutes later i broke up with him its was halarious.....:]]
Ok so I asked this girl named Tawnii out, and she said yes, but then like 20 minutes later, we got in an argument and she broke up with me... kinda funny lookin back now :D
ok well i was dating this kid name nick i really liked him we were going out for atleast 2 to 3 years well later on he just started avoiding me like not giving me a hug in the hall or anything well the next day he called me and said that he thinks it would just be better if we stay friends well the next day at school i heard from many pple that he had cheated on me i was so depressed i couldnt beleive it but sure enough the next day i say him with that girl everyone was talking about but now i have a new boyfriend and hes the best thing thats ever happened to me latetly aslo i havent talked to nick for like a year now
Well..i have been with my boyfriend for two years already & in those 2 yrs i hav broken up w/hime twice...and he doesnt even live here so i did it by phone...he was devastated but so was i so we got back together...he found out that during the time that we wernt together i went out with two other guys so he got really mad...he said really bad thngs to me that i will never forget...but i still love him and he loves me and im just happy that we have gone through so many things and we are still together..that we have overcome our obstacles even though we dont see each other much!!!
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