Sports Excuses ...
Fishing Excuse: Weights Wrong Color

Fishing Excuse: Tackle in other tackle box.

Fishing Excuse: New equipment

Fishing Excuse:  Recent thunderstorms

Fishing Excuse: Fish "Slapping lure with their tails"

Fishing Excuse: Tackle in other tackle box.
Fishing Excuse: New equipment
Fishing Excuse:  Recent thunderstorms
Fishing Excuse: Fish "Slapping lure with their tails"
Fishing Excuse: Fish "Hitting Short"
Fishing Excuse: Neither fishing major or minor
Fishing Excuse: Bragged about last trip
Fishing Excuse: Jinxed
Fishing Excuse: Gloated about successful prior trip
Fishing Excuse:  Followed another fisherman's advice
Fishing Excuse: Shakedown trip (checking equipment out)
Fishing Excuse: Inept captain
Fishing Excuse: Inept netter
Fishing Excuse: Short net handle
Fishing Excuse: Fish hit during nature call
Fishing Excuse: Not watching downrigger
Fishing Excuse: Hooks dull
Fishing Excuse: Upper level low (Bonehead)
Fishing Excuse: West wind
Fishing Excuse: North wind
Fishing Excuse: Should have fished elsewhere
Fishing Excuse: Couldn't see landmarks
Fishing Excuse: Lost fishing coordinates
Fishing Excuse: Others fishing our spot
Fishing Excuse: Cloudy
Fishing Excuse: Trolling motor troubles
Fishing Excuse: Partner not fishing seriously
Fishing Excuse: Gear not working properly
Fishing Excuse: South wind
Fishing Excuse: Water too rough
Fishing Excuse: Didn't have enough time
Fishing Excuse: Treble hooks
Fishing Excuse: Single hook
Fishing Excuse: Didn't have right lure color
Fishing Excuse: Didn't have right lure action
Fishing Excuse: Not enough bait fish
Fishing Excuse: Too many bait fish
Fishing Excuse: Trolling wrong directions
Fishing Excuse: Fish facing wrong way
Fishing Excuse: Wrong moon phase
Fishing Excuse: Too windy to control boat
Fishing Excuse: Sunny
Fishing Excuse: Foggy
Fishing Excuse: No currents
Fishing Excuse:  Fish are not here (or they'd be hitting)
Fishing Excuse: The lake needs a good storm to stir them up.
Fishing Excuse: Fish shut down just before we started
Fishing Excuse: Too calm
Fishing Excuse: Barometer falling.
Fishing Excuse: East wind
Fishing Excuse: Wind "clocking" around
Fishing Excuse: Barometer rising
Fishing Excuse: Currents too strong
Running Excuse: The sushi I ate last night came back to haunt me.
Running Excuse: Those hills were brutal.
Running Excuse: I left my race at the track workout.
Running Excuse: I didn't get this excuse from the website my baby toes were really swollen.
Running Excuse: My fill in the blank hurt.
Running Excuse: The surface was too soft.
Running Excuse: The surface was too hard.
Running Excuse: I decided to use this race as a training run.
Running Excuse: I ate too much this morning.
Running Excuse: I didn't have enought to eat this morning.
Running Excuse: I couldn't break out of the pack.
Running Excuse: I just wanted to run for fun.
Running Excuse: I didn't get enough sleep last night.
Running Excuse: This is the first time I ever wore these shoes.
Running Excuse: It was too dry.
Running Excuse: It was too humid.
Running Excuse: It was too cold.
Running Excuse: It was too hot.
Running Excuse: I changed to a different coffee this morning.
Running Excuse: I forgot my Vespa sports drink.
Running Excuse: I went out too slow.
Running Excuse: I went out too fast.
Running Excuse: There was a rock in my shoe.
Shooting Excuse: "I had to take a pee break after the 25th shot, and when I came back my nil position had shifted so I had to re-calibrate my rifle, which took a few shots"
Shooting Excuse: "well, on our course it's always cool, and on this court it wasn't. I'm not used to that"
Shooting Excuse: "the lighting wasn't good enough"
Shooting Excuse: "I had a small wound on my left hand, and that glove doesn't sweat so the sweat got in it. that was very irritating"
Shooting Excuse: "I had just oiled my glove, so my hand kept sliding down my rilfe"
Shooting Excuse: "I had just oiled my leather jacket, so the rifle kept sliding down my shoulder"
Shooting Excuse: "the trainer told me to take my time, but my time was starting to run out so I didn't have the time to concentrate well on those last ten shots"
Shooting Excuse: "well, I'm not shooting well so next year I'll be in C instead of B, so I'll actually have a chance of winning"
Shooting Excuse: "my target transporter kept stopping when it was halfway so I had to constantly press the button again which threw me off my concentration"
Shooting Excuse: "the target transporters were too noisy"
Shooting Excuse: "I'm not used to facing the wall"
Shooting Excuse: "the guy in front of me was lefthanded, and I'm not used to looking somebody in the face"
Shooting Excuse: "try to concentrate with a girl like that right in front of you"
Shooting Excuse: "the guy beside me kept shooting 10s and I got envious so I couldn't concentrate"
Shooting Excuse: "I'm not used to having a video camera pointed at my target aswell. it makes me nervous to know that everybody can see what I shoot"
Shooting Excuse: "it's too noisy here, I can't concentrate"
Shooting Excuse: "halfway my bullets ran out, and I wasn't used to the new one"
Shooting Excuse: "my trigger wasn't screwed on right, it kept shifting its position"
Shooting Excuse: "somebody must have changed my trigger pressure"
Shooting Excuse: "I use a glass bead, and forgot to clean it"
Shooting Excuse: "I used the wrong bead"
Shooting Excuse: "I screwed my diopter on at the wrong mark"
Shooting Excuse: "oh, you have to hit THAT white dot? geez... isn't 0.5 millimetres a bit small to hit from 10 metres?"
Shooting Excuse: "I wanted to punch out the black by making a perfect circle around it"
Shooting Excuse: "the targets were too badly lighted"
Shooting Excuse: "that TL tube was flickering"
Shooting Excuse: "never did a 60 shot match before. I'm used to 40 so I got tired on the last 20"
Shooting Excuse: "it was so hot in there that my cheek kept sliding off the wood of my rifle"
Shooting Excuse: "it was so goddamn hot inthere that my glasses kept sliding down my nose"
Shooting Excuse: "I'm used to 10 metres. I think that was 12"
Shooting Excuse: "I need to replace the spring. the speed of my bullets vary too much"
Shooting Excuse: "my bullets were slightly dented because the road was too bumpy"
Shooting Excuse: "forgot to put the bullet in"
Archery Excuse: I'm just trying to SCARE the bullseye
Archery Excuse: There was a very nice girl walking by
Archery Excuse: My bow slipped because my hands are full of vasiline
Archery Excuse: I did it on purpose.
Archery Excuse: My arrows are to expensive so I didn't try to group them today
Archery Excuse: Well it was a ten when I let go of the string
Archery Excuse: My friend told me I had a screw loose
Archery Excuse: I always hate to break my nock and put holes in fletchings
Archery Excuse: About the time that I pulled the trigger I noticed just how tight her jeans really were.
Archery Excuse: The wind was blowing from the back and my hair got in the way of my eyes!
Archery Excuse: I became one with my arrow, but I left my bow in the truck.
Archery Excuse: I'm a flatlander and I never shoot hills like this!!!
Archery Excuse: Cold weather, high pressure altitude, & 100% humidity caused arrow to drop below target- I think.
Archery Excuse: The batteries went dead in my walkman, or there was a song change half way through the shot
Archery Excuse: What do ya mean,"Three bull's eyes arn't good enough?"
Archery Excuse: The Teacher was wearing yellow, how the heck was i supposed to know which YELLOW target to aim for?
Archery Excuse: It was lunch time so i wanted to get it over with so i could eat
Archery Excuse: My trigger went off prematurely.
Archery Excuse: I forgot to put an arrow in my bow
Archery Excuse: I picked up the wrong bow.
Archery Excuse: I had a full bladder.
Archery Excuse: The release went off and I wasn't ready !
Archery Excuse: It was so old out my fingers were frostbitten, so I couldn't pull through my clicker.
Archery Excuse: I paid for a whole target, I use the WHOLE target
Archery Excuse: I wasn't shooting very well, 'cause I was half asleep!
Archery Excuse: My boobs got in the way
Archery Excuse: My lucky hat wasn't on backwards.
Archery Excuse: The helicopter, aircraft, glider et. al. caused a wind shift
Archery Excuse: Well...i was testing the direction of the wind!
Archery Excuse: Broom handles make good line cutters but don't shoot worth a damn!
Archery Excuse: all I needed was just one more arrow.
Archery Excuse: I neglected to allow for the rotation of the earth again!
Archery Excuse: My nose hairs got caught in the string !!!
Archery Excuse: Why did I miss? Well for once I wanted to see what it felt like.
Archery Excuse: Don't blame me; it's so cold my spin wings are breaking in mid air!
Archery Excuse: f-f-flinch.... I n-never f-f-flinch
Archery Excuse: I lost my sight in action
Archery Excuse: The guy behind me was chanting Miss it, miss it.
Archery Excuse: Thats just an optical illusion.
Archery Excuse: My breath fogged my scope.
Archery Excuse: Your target was too easy so I picked a different one.
Archery Excuse: Who said I missed!?
Archery Excuse: Oh....You mean I was supposed to hit THAT target?
Archery Excuse: That arrow has been flying funny all day.
Archery Excuse: I don't want all the other people hitting my nocks if I put it in the 10 on that 3-D target!!!!!
Archery Excuse: Need to get my limbs tuned! My right limb will not release when my left limb crosses the target.
Archery Excuse: Just as I was locked on the inner 10 and was about to release there was an earth tremor!
Archery Excuse: Practice makes perfect I don't want to be that good
Archery Excuse: The humidity is so high, it weighted my arrow down, or maybe the air is too thick, causing my arrow to go too slow?
Archery Excuse: The pretty archer beside me. (HMMMMM)
Archery Excuse: The string got caught on my moustache!
Archery Excuse: I was just aiming where your arrows hit on the target to keep you company.
Archery Excuse: Low flying aircraft causes air turbulent
Archery Excuse: I haven't had that lobotomy yet... I'm still thinking when I shoot.
Archery Excuse: The earth moved.
Archery Excuse: A bee stung my trigger finger.
Archery Excuse: What do you mean am I lefthanded ?
Archery Excuse: got my nose tangled in the string too....
Archery Excuse: Sorry, held my bow upside down...
Archery Excuse: I left my arrows at home.
Archery Excuse: I suffer from Fast-Flite embolism - I have a clot on the string!
Archery Excuse: At 90m I have to place my bowsight under my arrow, so I can't aim before I am about to release.
Archery Excuse: The sunlight came from behind and pushed at my fletches.
Archery Excuse: There is a magnetic anomaly to the left(right, high, low).
Archery Excuse: My wife won't let me practice in the living room anymore!
Archery Excuse: I Made My Bow Sleep By Herself Last Night
Archery Excuse: My Arrows And My Bow Were Having A Little Dissagreement
Archery Excuse: I Couldn't See The Gold Was To Bright so My Arrows Kept Veering Off!!!
Archery Excuse: The Snow Got In My Eyes
Archery Excuse: I just wanted to give others a chance to beat me!
Archery Excuse: I did this one on purpose.
Archery Excuse: All my arrows are bent
Archery Excuse: The photographer standing behind me was taking pictures and going click, click, click
Archery Excuse: The arrow was too fast, it thought it was a ten before it was an eight
Archery Excuse: They are just not going were I point them
Archery Excuse: I had a tricky calm to deal with
Archery Excuse: The lines on the grass aren't straight
Archery Excuse: There was movement behind the target
Archery Excuse: Rain on my glasses
Archery Excuse: No wind
Archery Excuse: I just did not want to wear out the centre of the boss.
Archery Excuse: Well ... the bar was open
Archery Excuse: I didn't punch the trigger. There was a mosquito and I tried to kill it.
Archery Excuse: I all of a sudden got a really bad headache.
Archery Excuse: The wind was blowing.
Archery Excuse: There was a fly in my bowsight.



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