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Star Wars Billboard

-- advertka

"Homeless Child" Cut-out

Do you have the hear to push away a homeless child? A cut-out figure decal on some Indian doors by Trikya Grey Advertising. Kind of like this ballerina or this pie-in-the-face. More images on Coloribus.

Ariel Billboards

A series of billboards for Ariel at Frederik Samuel's. If you like this one (I do), you'll appreciate this SlimFast billboard from a few days ago.

"Harder Than Truth" Bathroom Mirrors

Adverblog brings us the news about these bathroom mirrors for the Germany's Bild newspaper. The mirrors say, "Nothing is harder than the truth." Very tame by German ad standards, too. The tagline should've been more like "Featuring dickheads since Gutenberg". See some more bathroom fun.

"Erection" Billboard

A billboard for some pills that cure erectile disfunction. Compare to this billboard for Electrolux vacuum cleaners. (via Creative Criminal)

Urinal Soccer

A real mini-soccer installation for urinals to convince guys to watch soccer on ESPN. Crazy. If you want more games like this, check out this one for Mini. Or this one, that's actually a real video game.

-- Ads of The World

Billboard for Kellogg's

A billboard for something less fattening than something else via Marketing Alternatif.

The "Aparicion" Illusion

Not a billboard (although I wonder if it could work), but a nice follow-up on the post about illusions. Click the image to zoom in for a stronger effect.
-- TBWA via Hidden Persuader

"Coffee Tastes Like Crap" Garbage Bins

Redecorated garbage bins placed near Starbucks outlets by a small competitor Draft New Zealand. More pictures at AdRants.

Playboy Outdoor Campaign

A campaign for Playboy Argentina puts paparazzi in public showers and restrooms. Comparate to this campaign from Kellogg's that also transformed stall walls into something else.

Copy on the towel below reads, "I can be a March playmate" (source: Coloribus).

This is a from a different Playboy outdoor campaign, where they placed mirrors to get the upskirt metaphor going (source: Iconema).

playboy billbord

And, of course, you remember this classic Playboy billboard in Germany.

Bandages Outdoor

Outdoor for 3M bandages (can't say band-aid, right?) from Brief Blog.

Outdoor Campaign for Zippo Lighters

Zippo Windproof Lighters campaign in Singapore, via Advertising for Peanuts and Cerebro Creativo. Placed on taxi tops and really burning.

Billboard for Nose Drops

This is a billboard for nasal decongestant Sorine. The copy says something like "If congested, use Sorine". Very cool although the message takes some time to get through.
-- creative brain

Cut-out People Billboard for BMW

One of these guys is real, but the rest are part of a fence decoration for BMW. More at Mighty Optical Illusions.

Absolut Voyeur

Last year's three-week store installation in Sydney. People peering through the Absolut-shaped peephole saw themselves on close-circuit television. Check out more billboards and outdoor installations for Absolut in this part i and part ii series.
-- Adlova

"Little Brother is Watching" Billboard

source: littlebrotheriswatching.com

"The Massachusetts state Outdoor Advertising Board has ordered Boston developer John Rosenthal to remove a billboard that sits atop a parking garage between Fenway Park and the Massachusetts Turnpike which shows George Bush's eyes and the phrase "Little Brother Is Watching," according to the Boston Globe."
-- Media Buyer Planner

FedEx Kinko's Marker Outdoor

An outdoor campaign by BBDO New York for FedEx Kinko's.
-- via Ad Blather

Nike Air Billboard

Ha, nifty! A campaign for the new Nike Air Max 360 shoes.
-- Marketing Alternatif

Elevator Ad Shows Insides

A creepy double-layered elevator ad that promotes Gunther van Hagens's Body Worlds 2 exhibit (via Advertnews).

Hanging Dogs Outdoor

Frederik Samuel writes: "Life size die-cut dogs were attached to boomgates. When the gates opened up the dogs remained attached, demontrating the effect Iams has on the dogs teeth."

Nike Decorates Trash Bins

An interactive outdoor installation by Nike. Cool as always.

Mirrors as Billboards

A billboard for HSBC uses mirror to put viewers in the driver's seat. There's one more for Playboy on Coloribus where this billboard came from.

Amnesty's "Free Speech" Billboard

An older billboardom from an Amnesty's International campaign. More at Adverbox. Strangely reminiscent of this billboard showing bad teeth.

Durex Pavement Outdoor

I think I've collected enough material to do a special issue about advertising that uses sidewalk textures and elements. This is a nice one from Durex (see the one for Durex with Knobs at Adverbox).

PSP Advergame on Urinal

If you liked the Mini Cooper Urinal Game, you'll enjoy the one brought to you by Playstation Portable (via Marketallica).

On AdverLab:
Heat Activated Urinal Billboards
Bathroom Advertising Round-Up

Fevicol Outdoor

You'd think this outdoor installation advertises a hair loss prevention remedy, but Fevicol is actually an adhesive. Nice anyway. Here's another billboard that works well with trees and seasons.
-- via twenty-four

Batman Searchlight

An outdoor campaign in London for Batman's release on DVD, apparently by Diabolical Liberties.
-- Ad Arena

Another Smelly Outdoor Campaign

Remember the billboard for Affinity that oozed smell of doggie food? This sticker for Pedigree does the same, only in a less complicated manner.
-- via Ad Arena.

Also, see on Ad Lab:
Smelly Packaging Encourages Impulse Purchase

Lever Turns Bus Shelter Into A Shower Room

Bus shelters seem to lend themselves to all sorts of fun ideas these days. Nike did one, and Triumph did one, and once a bus shelter was turned into a spa. Now comes the turn of Lever who turned a shelter into a shower room to promote its Pure Rain bath soap. More pics at Adverbox.

Dustbins As Vehicle for Social Advertising

The Hautlust blog covers social advertising (should it be called sadvertising?) and has a nice compilation of dustbins used to educate people about, what else, poverty. The one on top reads, in Romanian, "thank you for your donation."

Light Switch Billboards


source unknown

Socially Responsible Vodka Billboards

Puru Gupta sends in some billboards by liquor companies feeling socially responsible.

Fountain of Schweppes

An outdoor campaign for Schweppes in Antwerp, Belgium. Source: Adrants.

Campaign for Public Toilets

A cardboard guy peeing to protest the apparent lack of public restrooms in NYC, created by Saatchi and brought to us by Advergirl. Go pay her a visit and see one other pic from the same campaign.

Billboard Sequences

There's this classic example of an outdoor ad that pops up in just about any textbook on the subject. A French company puts up a billboard of a model in her lingerie with text that reads, "Next Monday, I'll Take My Bra Off." On Monday, the billboard is replaced with the one sporting the same model topless. It goes on until she's naked (love Europe's lax laws, no?), and here we have a campaign by people who had read their textbooks. This is the last in the series of billboards (in Europe, where else) that show an undressing model, placed sequentially on the way to a lingerie store. The rest of the pictures are at Frederik Samuel's. Also check out Burma Shave for the same approach.

Billboards and the Right to Bare Legs

Now that the story about the War on Legs has made some major headlines, I took the first flight to the battlefield and am now reporting from the front lines. The city overall looks fairly tame and free of embarassing influences. The entire stretch of their central avenue featured only one advertising structure depicticting a remotely nude model (Palmers lingerie store, see below). The pantyhose maker Ponti still holds strong as its billboards shine proudly from the sides of the city's largest mall. (Nice legs, too.) The citizens don't seem too embarassed by the view. On the other side of the said mall hangs another billboard for a gadget seller featuring soft porn. You can call them at +37322 888555 to share your feeling of disgust. Or email; the address is right on the billboard.

Another Billboard with a Hanging Car

A Mercedes billboard in Moscow. Copy: "Reserved Only For M-Class". Source: Advertka (in Russian). Also take a look at the "making of" behind this billboard (also in Russian, but with pictures). A similar idea was used by Mini in Toronto, where the car slid off the billboard. Also, check out similar billboards by Jeep.

Outdoor for Drunk Drivers
I've already posted the middle image (along with some others) from this "Don't Drink and Drive" campaign, but here's more (from Advertka).

Adscape Maps and Measures NYC Billboards

"The Adscape project aims to understand the extent to which advertising has changed the urban environment and how the commercial landscape may or may not reflect the socioeconomic landscape of neighbborhoods and communities.

Advertising data was recorded from three neighborhoods in New York City: East Harlem, a historically poor, primarily Latino neighborhood; SoHo, a downtown shopping district; and the Upper East Side, a wealthy residential area. In each neighborhood, ads were recorded in a five-block section that consisted of two avenue blocks and three adjacent street blocks."

Billboards in Belarus

If for some reason you are interested in Belarusian billboards (and why wouldn't you), here's a fairly large gallery. This is my favorite billboard for heavy farming machinery by Gomselmash under the slogan "The Pride of the Country". The collection of the social billboards with a healthy mix of state propaganda is also very nice.

This one with a cute police (actually, militia) officer reads: "Call us to defend your rights." Speaking of rights, here's an earlier post about a campaign in Poland to defend freedom of speech in Belarus.

A somewhat morbid billboard that (I guess) warns against the dangers of speeding and says "Are you in a hurry to reach us?"

Slapping Billboards Over Apartment Buildings

Billboardom's reader Vlad Nanca writes: "Here are some pics from Bucharest where capitalism took over in full - billboards are covering people's apartments and all those people get is something like 5-10 euros a month. They say "it's ok, they can see through billboards". At night, the bright light of capitalism shines from the billboard illumination into this folks' bedrooms."

Billboard Liberation in Romania

Pula Fashion, the Romanian comrades of the Billboard Liberation Front, is running a campaign against the abundance of, what else, billboards. The campaign runs under a slogan "People Died Here to Defend Freedom", referring to the anti-communist revolt of the late 1980s. Pula Fashion says:

"Can you still remember what the buildings in your city used to look like? For every communist slogan you tore down, now there are a hundred advertising slogans. For every hammer and sickle you smashed, there are now a thousand commercial brands. What have you gained? You exchanged the simple and dignified poverty of bullet-ridden buildings for the loud, bazaar-stall poverty of historical facades hidden under special offers and seasonal discounts."
-- via Bukresh

Porkchop Billboard

The persuasive power of simplicity. Captured in Seattle and posted on Flickr by nikkigrits.

Comb Billboard

Well, not really a billboard, more like a giant comb stuck in the wires. A Leo Burnett's job for an untangling conditioner in Bangkok.
-- via Creative Criminal

"Guess Who Won" Billboard

Quoting verbatim the brilliant find by the Creative Criminal:

"Before the football match between Argentina and Brazil, an Argentinean condom company came up with this ad to show the Brazilians what they were going to do to them. Brazil won the match and their Football organization replied to the ad."

Billboard for Funeral Services

-- via Feeder

Double Take : A Billboard Project

"Double Take A Billboard Project (2004-2005) features eight site-specific billboards throughout San Franscisco. each billboard image is designed to integrate the billboard to its location, taking into consideration the surroundings." The project is supported by ClearChannel Outdoor.
-- via Billboard Liberation

Bacardi Limbo Poster


Starbucks's Christmas Billboard

I can't believe it's winter already. Anyway, this billboard is a good start. Comes from copyranter.

Really Big Condom

Well, all those fakes of the Washington Memorial with a condom on finally came to life, in Buenos Aires. Argentinians commemorate World AIDS Day. Source: Yahoo.

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