Vacation Horror Stories
Have you ever had a vacation where everything went wrong? Hear real life vacation horror stories from other travelers.
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At first I was really excited at the chance of going to California for the first time in my life. Problem was the air travel it took to get there. Living on the east coast, it took 2 planes to get to the airport in Ontario, CA. So going there, my first stop is in Dallas (I was flying alone). At the end of the flight the captains voice goes on the intercom. Apparently the plane was last in line to land at the airport and the plane wouldn't have enough fuel to keep circling around the city. So the flight gets diverted to some place in Louisiana and we wait for about 2 hours on the ground. Finally we reach Dallas and I find out i have missed my connecting flight. So its another 3 hour wait at Dallas until I get a flight to California. By the time I reach it's about 2 a.m. and I can't find my aunt who was suppose to pick me up anywhere. By calling her I find out that she had thought my flight was canceled and that she was still in bed. So i have to wait another hour, by myself in the baggage claim area until she shows up. By the time I finally reach their house, it is about 4 in the morning when I suddenly realized I forgot my glasses in the terminal. So for the rest of my stay I was practically blind. WORST TRIP EVER. -
So a few years ago my family planned a trip to Pensacola Beach. We were so excited! Well when we were almost there, we noticed we were the only car going in that direction, and everyone seemed to be leaving. Finally we got to a point where a sheriff told us there was a hurricane coming so he sent us to the Red Cross Shelter to stay. We had to stay there for 2 days eating off of granola bars, fruit, and water. After the storm passed we left for our condo on the beach. When we got there of course we had to go swimming in the ocean! So we were in the water about a foot or two deep and I was sucked under and was taken away by the waves. I couldn't swim with the 6 feet tall waves crashing on my head, so I scram with every breath I could take. The last thing I seemed to remeber was the whole beach running towards me, then I was out. I woke up laying on the beach with tons of people around me asking if I was ok. So after that I definately stayed at the pool. Many other things happened on top of the MAJOR disasters, like my aunt getting stung by a jellyfish, my sister getting lost on the beach, and it rained EVERY day. But it was definately a vacation I will never forget!! -
When I was 10 years old, my dad, his friend, his friend's family, and I went on vacation down to Florida for Christmas break. But no, we didn't fly down, we went in this crappy camper that we bought for maybe 200 dollars. When we had finally reached Florida, the camper broke down in this area called "The Florida Bermuda Triangle", and then the camper started on fire! Since we had no running water, my dad and his friend had to douse it with beer. We had managed to get it as far as a small town gas station with a car shop, when the owners - a married couple - started fighting, causing the woman to cry. At this point, I would have just walked home. We got a taxi to Orlando (the taxi driver had called me a boy...), and we stayed in a hotel for one night that had bedbugs. The next hotel we went to was much better, but then one of my dad's friend's daughters, a friend of mine, started to fight with me, so we had a crappy time together. In the last hotel we stayed in, there were cockroaches everywhere. I'm still surprised that we had made it home in one piece. - Anonymous -
k so it started out as a nice vacation with my family. we get on the plane (of course i get sick ) we go to the hotel. its a nice hotel... with a nice balcony. i see my brother walk onto the balcony so i decided i would too. only i didnt no the door was half open. (the door was clear glass. hard to see) so i walk on and im really excited. i admit i was even singing. and then all of a sudden. WHAMMMMMM! smack my face onto the glass. now to make this worse.... a few days later we went to sea world. we decided to feed the dolphins. i had a fish and held it out and all of a sudden............a seagul swooped down, STOLE THE FISH< AND BIT ME REALLY HARD!!! to make this worse......... afew days later, we r on the airplane 2 go home and this little rat girl sat behind me. and the WHOLE FLIGHT she was kickin me. as if i didnt get sick enuf. so then i had to go to the bathroom. and as soon as i pull down my pants... the captain comes on the loud speaker "UM..... we r goin 2 have a lot of turbulance. so keep on ur seat belts." do i have 2 go into greater detail? MY VACATION SUCKED! -
Well me and my family went to the Caribbean last summer, and I used to go as a little kid so I was really excited to be going again. When we got off the plane, we ate dinner with a friend in his little tiny house (it was actually really nice and exotic) and then took a ferry to another island (St. John). As soon as we arrived, it was raining, so we took a taxi in the pitch dark to the other side of the island, where there were cabins to be rented. When we got there, nobody was still in the registration building, but we finally tracked someone down to get our cabin info. (Lucky for us it was the farthest cabin down the beach, and we had all our luggage still..) so we walked a half-mile to the little cabin, exhausted, and set our stuff on the porch. It was almost 2:00 in the morning and we were very jet-lagged. Unfortunately for us, the cabin was locked! Because I was so jet-lagged and stressed from the walking and dragging of luggage, I nearly broke down right there. My mom, who was being very calm about the whole thing (even though she is NOT a night person and looked really really tired) walked all the way back to the registration place. Meanwhile, I was drifting off in the sand and waking up to the irritating bites of bugs every 3 seconds. My dad's back was bothering him so he had to lay on the picnic table thing. And my brother was telling me to shut up because I was flipping out. Finally, my mom returned, cussing, because the people at the registration said she actually hadn't booked the cabin until 10:00 the next morning. Since we couldn't legally sleep in the cabin for another 7 or so hours, we had to make ourselves comfortable outside on the porch to sleep. I luckily found two lawn chairs that might have belonged to the neighbors, but truthfully, at that hour, I didn't care. My mom and I stretched out as much as possible in the lawn dad kept his place on the table...and my brother lined up a few piles of clothes on the ground and tried to get comfortable. Imagine the surprise of the neighbors in the morning to find a family snoring in the sand by their front porch! That was one of the worst vacation experiences bug bites that morning had tripled. -
My worst vacation was when we went to mexico for 2 weeks the first two days were great but my brother played a prank on me and filled my waterbottle with their water and you can probably guess the effect it had on me. -
I'm 13 and my family and I were going to Hawaii for the first time ever. It has been my dad's dream. So anyways it is about 4:30 in the morning and we are all ready to go and our ride to the airport arrives. We put all the luggage in the car and we're off. We get to the airport ahead of schedule and my Momgoes"Where is my pocket book" That bag had all our money and passports, etc. We think it must be back in the car so we call the guy to come back, my mom's purse isn't in the car! Everyone started freaking out. So we called another friend to get the purse from our house and drive it to the airport. Mind you it is still like 5:30 AM. So we rush through security and other stuff. We get on the plane and turns out the plane is having technical difficulties. Just our luck right? It was horrible; the flight taking about 12 hours total. That is my bad vacation. -
I was at virginia beach with my travel camp. a few kids thought that is was funny to burry this kid's bag. they marked the spot and then left to go into the water. the kid came back and was really upset (his bag had all his money, cd player, etc. in it). unfortunatly, the marked spot was blown away by the wind and the kids who burried the bag didn't remember where it was. it took 3 hours to finally dig it up, and it was me that finally found it. -
I was at rocking horse ranch and I was about 7 years old. My Momwent to the comedy show where kids aren't allowed. So my aunt was watching me. But then she had to put my cousin to bed and I couldnt go in with her (well, I didnt wanna anyway). So I went into my room by myself. I was scared especially with no one with me. But I got scared outta my wits when I heard this evil mans laugh. I ran outta the room looking for my 15 year old cousin. Him and his friends let me hang out with them until my Momcame out of the show. Talk about scary! -
Well it was SUPPOSED to be a pretty decent trip. I mean come on, we're marching in the Rose Bowl Parade here! We have to wake up at dawn-thirty and wait for 300 kids to get onto 2 planes. Not that bad, pretty typical of airports. Then we get on and, but of course, the air-conditioning does not work. How convenient. We finally get to California and the weather is pretty and we go on a tour of Hollywood. Then we get to our hotels... oh this is fun... Getting 300 kids sorted into rooms with 4 people each. Well turns out we had chosen the *perfect* week to stay there. We happened to be there when it ACTUALLY rains in California. For the whole week straight... At Disneyland they closed alot of the rides because of rain. Not to mention everyone was suffering from practical hypothermia. And our dictator band directors STILL make us march in the Festival of Lights Parade. It continues to rain the whole week and we have to wear panchos, which make us look like complete retards. And we have to practice outside in the rain with instruments that are freezing. The Rose Bowl Parade FINALLY comes, and the weather is (thankfully) beautiful. Marching in horse crap, is not. Then on the way home I just happen to be on plane 2 which happens to be delayed. Not a problem. Then we end up spending 11 hours on the floor of an airport sitting area... They finally tell us we can't go home tonite so we have to go BACK to our hotels. Then we wake up at 3 a.m. and load the buses, and FINALLY get back to San Antonio. What a trip. -Churchill Highschool Band Member -
A few years ago me, my friend and her family went on vacation to Disney World for her birthday. The car ride there was going fine until all of a sudden the car started to make noises, so we pulled over at a gas station. Her dad opended the hood and noticed something wrong with the radiator, there was no place we could get a new radiator, so we had to call his dad to buy, and bring the new radiator all the way to virgina from new jersey. In the meantime we stayed at a hotel while waiting for the radiator. So we went up to our room and noticed there wasn't enough beds, so we got a new room, then after that in the new room the air conditioner didn't work, and it was like 80 degrees outside so we had to get another new room. After that you'd think there would be nothing wrong with the new room, there wasn't...until her dad went to the bathroom and clogged the toilet. At this point we were all grumpy, including the people who had to keep giving us knew rooms, so at this point I was so relieved that there wasn't anything wrong with the new room we got. Finally after a couple days we got to disney world, and had an awesome time...although next time I go somewhere far I think I would like to take a plane... - Tori -
We went to florida for a week and when we were coming bak it ended up that when we were getting a holtel room that the room was gross. it was not clean on the counters and there were hairs on the sheets and then after 15 min. we packed up and we said we are not staying here your hotel is desusting!! and they're like well we don't refound money 4 people that were here 4 more than an hour!! and so we didn't have much spending money the rest of the trip!! I was at the beach enjoying a sunset with my dog,Scottie.When all of a sudden I hear a HUGE farting noise,I looked down and my dog had runny,gooey poo coming out of his butt into the water.Of course I yelled out as loud as I could,"NASTY!!".It was embarrassing.I never swam in the ocean the rest of the trip. -
Alright. I'm 8 and I usually love the water, I go in on January 1st, but you have to face the consequences. My twelve year old cousin Sadie and I were at a little bungalow my Mumand dad own literally 150 yards from the sea. It was a cold day and the sky was murky, but Sadie and I decided to go down to the beach as we usually do on horrible days. Mum, Dad, my siblings and Sadie's mum and brother went to Christchurch to do some shopping. Mumgave Sadie the spare door key. Then the bad period kicked off by Sadie leaving her towel inside the conservatory. We unlocked the door and tried to push it open, but try as we might, we couldn't do it. So Sadie and I were stuck outside with only one big towel (luckily I hadn't forgot mine!) So we walked down to the beach. We got onto it and went in the water. It was very seaweedy so I got out. It started raining. Hard. I went under the steps to try and get some shelter, but somehow the rain got through. Sadie got out and we huddled under the steps with only each other and the towel for company. It was so horrible we felt our way out somehow to go home. By now it was like a monsoon. We stumbled home and both needed a good bath after that! -
I was in mexico with my mom, her sis, and her sis's boyfriend.and I was having my period.and well, I feel asleep in the car, and a period stain got om my skirt, and when we got to the hotel, I was waking round like I was all that, and flaunting my stuff wit the stain on my butt.and I would have flirted with this one guy, but I dont kno much spanish, anyway--- my Momfinally asked if I was on my period, and I finally noticed. it was soooooo embeasssing, every one I was there wit, and even more people, saw it. omg! -
Some years back, I was vacationing in Sacramento, CA.I was visiting a friend of mine and her boyfriend. Since I'm from NJ - I wanted to drive to San Francisco for a day trip.The day was fabulous, we had a fantastic time.Even ate at a place called Bubba Gump Shrimp which I thought was fantastic!!It was about 10 pm when we started to head back to Sacramento.Heading over the Bay bridge on our way out is when the fun started.My girlfriends car battery started dying.We were afraid to pull over on the bridge, for fear that someone would hit us, so we turned off all the lights in the car and prayed.We made it across the bridge and took the first exit that we saw which was an Oakland exit.Now remember - we have no headlight at all - and it is dark out.We pull off the exit and made a left.Driving down this road - we realized we made a wrong turn because we slowly approached about 6 or 7 cars who were sitting off to the side of the road.As we pulled up - all of these people jumped into their cars and sped off!I'm certain they were doing something illegal and they thought we were cops moving in for the bust because we had no lights!We could have been killed!So we quickly turn around and head in the other direction.Thankfully we came upon a gas station.Now mind you - we just spent the day in San Francisco spending all of our money.I had approximately $30 left.My girlfriend had less.We pulled into the gas station, not exactly sure what we were going to do.My girlfriends boyfriend lifted the hood and started to inspect.We thought perhaps it was the alternator, not providing the juice to the battery that it needed. As we stood there, this guy pulled up in a blue car and started asking us if we needed his help.I was sitting there looking at this man's car, wondering why I could hear him so clearly as the drivers side window was 100% closed.That is when I realized that this man's car did not have a windshield.None.Nada.He was driving around with out one!He said that what he did was to ride around on the highway and help stranded motorist.Now you are going to think that I am gullible (which I was) - but we believed him.He said he was a mechanic, and he agreed with our assumption that the alternator was going.He said he could go to a auto store in the morning for us and he would help us put the alternator in.We explained that we didn't have that much money, so he suggested taking the battery out of his car and switching it with our battery and that he would drive around for a while with our battery to charge it up, and we would be good to go.Now after all this time it is approximately 12 am.He switched the batteries and took off.He was gone for a long time.We weren't sure if he was ever going to come back.We toy'd with the idea that we should just drive off with his battery - hoping that would get us home, but we just couldn't do it, being that he was so nice to us.It was about 1:30 a.m when he finally returned.He switched the battery back, we turned on the car with all the lights and we had a nice flow of juice going to the battery.We were saved I thought.I took my last $30 and graciously gave it to the man.I even took his picture with his head out the windshield so I would always remember how he helped us!It was fantastic!! Back on the road we go. We make it to the highway fine, and are on our way home when my girlfriend exclaims "Ut oh" ... I knew it was bad news.The battery was dying again.We were devastated.We pulled off on the side of the road, no exit in sight and no money to boot.We sat there for about 15 minutes trying to figure out what to do, when my girlfriends boyfriend tells me to reach under the glovebox and find a panel with little plugs in it.He tells me to unplug all the interior lights, which I do.As soon as I pulled them out - the battery juice began to flow and we were back in business!!It was a short in the wire for the interior lights that was draining the battery.That is why we had no problem during the day time!I was grateful that we were saved ... again ... and a little upset that I paid that guy $30 for doing nothing, but I figured for the memory of seeing him driving around without a windshield and for a good story, I'd forget about the $30 and happily go on my way! -
Last summer I went to Cancun and I met this guy he was so sweet and I had already been through alot of bad relationships so I trusted him so we had got really close so one night I made reservations to one of the hardest resturaunts to get in so I called him up and he seemed caught off gaurd so I just blew it off so I told him hey I made reservations come get me @ 7:00 k and his whole voice changed he goes well I am so sick I ate the seafood downstairs so I was really dissapointed but I said okay so I canceled my reservations and I called my girlfriend and she was like hey come meet me downstairs I met this guy and he has a friend adn we can double date so I thought well he will never know and plus hes sick so I am thinking hey im a playa lol so I get downstaris and my girlfriend waves to me so I go over there and theres my boyfriend I was so dissapointed to know that he was cheating with my bestfriend that was the worst vacation ever. -
I went to galveston, texas one time and rented a beach house,when we got there there was a good breeze that felt pretty good. the next day the breeze turned into a hard wind. and we went down to the beach I coul not swim because the water was too cold and cold water and hard wind dont mix,anyway we went down to the dock to fish and I cought nothing and it was boring anyway the next day it was so freezing I could not bare it so the rest of the days we were there it was really cold and we ended up having the worst vacation of all time. -anonymos -
Hi. My worst vacation has to be when I went to Somerset (in England). It was at a farm. I was quite excited at going to a farm. But I was wrong! Well, to start off, I visited the cows with a bunch of people, including my family. I was quite happy, but I was VERY puzzled when everyone was looking at me. Then my Mompointed out I had cow poop on my face! D'OH! (how'd that get there???) Then we went on a very very VERY long walk. At the time, I was only 8 years old, and I can tell you, I wasn't cut out for walking. My legs felt like lead. I couldn't walk another step. But we reached the pub we were walking to. At this point I had a very big appitite, and stuffed my face. But... I think I ate too much. Yep, as you would guess, I jubbed up EVERYWHERE that night. I couldn't stop! Anything I took in, beit a chocolate bar or a drink of water, it would soon have been catapulted through my mouth as a mashed up substance. I had to wait until morning to get into some CLEAN clothes. I thought that it couldn't get any worse than that. Boy, was I wrong! Morning came, and my parents went to see the owner of the place, so they could wash my sick-infested PJs. She informed us that she hadn't got a washing machine. AAAAGRH!! So we had to leave early.What a vacation!! -
My best friend and I decided to go down to Lake Wanaka for new years eve, to party with a bunch of friends. Two days before we were to leave, her car died completely and with no time to find another vehicle, we had to endure the 7 hour, extremely boring bus ride to Dunedin, where our buddies picked us up. All was well, and we were all having a good time, until we took a corner too fast, swerved...spun around completely, missed a pole by about an inch, and landed in a small river beside the road. Fortunately no one was hurt, but everything was soaked, and we had no other transport to Lake wanaka, so we hitched a ride to a tiny dead town an hour away, while the boys tried to pull the car out. We waited 2 hours at some little bar, where it was "70's night" and a bunch of 50 yr olds got drunk and danced in a disturbing way. After this we were taken back to one of our friends house by his enraged mother (who seemed to blame us for the accident), counting down the seconds to midnight rather miserably in the car. We were then ordered to be quiet and go to bed...despite being starving and looking like drowned rats...upon turning on the shower my best bud got snapped at, for "waking up the whole house". We were woken at 8am, and told to get up and clean the room, and 'get our ride sorted' so they would be rid of us. After hours of sitting around doing absolutely nothing, we were dropped off at the bus stop, relieved to be going home. The bus stopped after an hour, due to overheating and we waited another hour for a new one to come. The new one then stopped and we spent a further hour waiting for a bus to take us home. When we got home our parents snapped at us for having "irresponsible friends". Need I say more? Our new years was very all the wrong ways.-Leisha, New Zealand. -
I went to Cairo in Egypt.We went to see the pyramides, and I went on a camal ride to see the sphinx.It was extremely cheap, but when I wanted to get off the guy told me that then I would have to pay him.For me, a South-African boy that can't even speak English fluetly (what about arabian!) this was the scariest thing to ever happen to me.The money I had with me was South African, and that he didn't want.So I had to jump off the camal's back and run back to the tourbus in the heat.I was so scared he was gonne follow me, but luckily he left me and found another tourist to terrorise! -
So this vaction was exactly BAD, my uncle probably thought so..but I like to consider it more like an adventure. Two years ago, the summer of 2003, I went to Europe to visit my family, at the time I had just finished grade 7. So I fly there..all by myself and get there safely. I arrive and after a few days I find out that my dad's brother(my uncle) and his family(aunt and two cousins) were planning on going on a 10 day trip to Turkey, and to my surprise ask me if I wanted to go...of course my answer was "YES!". So the day comes that we have to leave...and no we weren't flying there...but taking a coach bus. The ride was supposed to be 30 hours long..going through all of Romania..Bulgaria..passing from Europe to Asia..and along the coast of Turkey. I don't really mind long rides..and I was going to be with my cousins with which I get along great. The whole ride there I read my Harry Potter book despite the fact that I get extremely car sick from reading. Our bus bumped into some huge truck while going up some Bulgarian mountains..and we stopped in the most awkward places to eat. But anwyays...after about 28 hours we get there(2 hours early!!). The first couple of days were amazing..when we got there they even greated us with a huge feast ..there was a pool..a private beach..and the weather was awesome ! So the 3rd of 4th day..i dont remember exactly, we decided to go on a one day cruise on the aegean sea..sounds like fun no ? Well I thought so too. So first of all we get to the boat and its like..small. When they said cruise I automatically thought "huge cruise ship like I see on tv"..but no. Well it was alright anyways they gave us snacks and stuff and we stopped from time to time to go swimming and stuff. When we did that some people went on the second floor of the boat(the highest) and jumped off this transitional deck thing right into the water. Of course I thought that was SO cool..and I wanted to do it too. The first couple of times the boat stopped I chickened out and just watched my cousins do it..but then I finally gathered up the courage and went up. The deck was sort of wet and it was slippery since it was plastic..but I didnt notice. So I get sort of a two step running start and jump off. But of course..only one of my legs jumped off the other one slipped and got "left behind"...I fell downwards with my leg hitting the railing of the first floor then spinning around and violently crashing in the 15 foot deep ocean. I couldnt feel my leg an I had to swim all the way to the ladder with only one leg, crying, while everyone was starring at me since I shook up the whole boat and made a super loud crash. On the boat there was some turkish student doctor that gave me all these pain killers because my whole thigh was like a bright red huge bruise. I took the pills even if I didnt know what they were and then he wanted to take a picture with me cuz I was apparently his "first patient". So ANYWAYS..the rest of the trip was pretty good I got a bunch of souvenirs and stuff...until the last day. So we had to clear out our hotel room and so my uncle gets all our stuff and we decide to go on the beach for a little before we leave. We go and after a while we realise the backpack with ALL our money(like 1,000 $) and ALL our passports..cell phones..and everything important is gone. We search for like 3 uncle was like completely freaking out..and me and my cousins just had nothing to do. So we couldnt go back home and we had to take some other random coach all the way to Istanbul to make new passports..which was like 7 hours away ! So my family just gets these special paper to be able to get out of the country..but I couldnt..because I was from I needed to get a brand new passport..which took like 4 extra days. On top of that my uncle and cousins had to leave so they left me and my aunt alone in Istanbul. We stayed at this sketchy hotel...and when I went anywhere outside men were falling of theyre motorcycles because I was wearing a skirt or something(it was like 35 degrees celcius !...women there only show like their eyes..its freaky)..on top of that when I get to the canadian consulate..the turkish woman there tells me that everyone thinks im a russian prostitute(NOTE: I was 13 years old !! ). So finally I get a new passport(with a super nice picture since I was tanned) and we head back home on this smelly coach bus...On top of that we took the trolley in the opposite direction ..and a bunch of other unfortune things...what a TRIP !! -
A few summers ago, me, my mom, and my 3 sisters went to Florida. On this vacation we got rained out of seaworld, our car's battery died, my Momgot in a wreck while changing lanes, my oldest sister dove into the pool and busted her head open and had to get staples, and there was an alligator living in the lake beside our hotel right behind the swimming pool. On top of all of this, while we were gone, my family's cat of 12 years passed away. That was the worst vacation of my life! -
My parents were taking my sister and I camping for a long weekend. So, we're in the car, just starting out, and all of sudden the cars start to get really backed up and we get stuck in a traffic jam for 45 minutes. While waiting in the traffic jam, my Momoffers my dad a peice of gum and he takes it, forgetting that he's not supposed to chew gum since he has a temporary crown in. Pretty soon, the gum pulls the crown out of his tooth. He couldn't get a hold of his dentist from his cell phone and so as soon as we get out of the traffic jam, we turn around and head back home so he can go to different dentist to get his crown put back in. On the way home, the trailer lights get busted. Then, our truck brakes stops working, so we cannot stop our car! It just keeps going, through stop lights and everything. Finally, we get to a gas station and they fixed the trailer lights and truck brakes. Then, we go to a dentist for my dad to get his crown fixed. After that, we go home since it's too late to start driving. We had to leave at 6 the next morning, but everything was fine after that! ~Sara, Minneapolis, MN -
One time my mom, my sister, and I were going to Richmond VA for Valentine's Day.It had gone great until we decided to come back.It was the blizzard of 2003 on the East Coast.My Momsaid that we would be fine, but we weren't!!It turned out that right in the middle of nowhere (somewhere near D.C.), the snow started piling on.We couldn't see 3 inches in front of us!!We lived in the middle of MD, so we had an hour or so to go anyway.It ended up taking us 61/2 hours with 3 people, a dog, loads of luggage, and accidents everywhere we looked and snow practically burying us into the ground to get home!!Talk about your winter break!! -Anyonomus -
Ok so me and my family were going to disney world. we were driving to new orleans and flying to orlando from new orleans. we left and everything was great. well we were about 30 minutes away from getting to new orleans and the tire on our car fell off on the 2 mile bridge. we all started freaking out. then we called roadside assistance and they said they would have someone over in just a second. we waited on the side of the 2 mile bridge for 3 hours and no one had showed up to help us yet. well about an hour later a "pop-a-lock" man drove up. (pop-a-lock is for if you get locked out of your car!) well thank goodness he had connections. so he drove us to a hotel and we left our car in the middle of the 2 mile bridge. some people came and fixed our car and the next morning our flight left a 5:00 and we were all exausted but it turned out to be a pretty good trip after our roadside experience! -
Well I went to Washington DC for the 8th grade class trip. Having lived in Arizona for the past two years, I was not used to the humidity. Of course they made us do nothing but walk from 7am to 10pm That was only the beginning of a 5 day long journey to hell.(THE TRIP ITSELF WAS ONLY TO LAST 4) On the third day of the trip I woke up late and had to pay 75$ for a cab to get to where everyone else was at. Then came the WORST day i've ever had. We went to the airport at 3oclock that afternoon and got our tickets and got to the gate ok. Thats when they announced the flight would be delayed. The teachers told us that it was a small delay. So 4 hours later us 8th graders began to get VERY mad. That is until we finally got on the plane. The flight left the gate and sat on the tarmac for half an hour only to come back in. We had to deplane and spend another 2 hours in the airport. Finally the flight was cancelled and we were forced to go to a REALLY crappy hotel. After sleeping for mabey 3 hours it was time to go back to the airport. Theay got 2 busses to take us there. Of course the driver of the one I was on got lost in DC. We were just able to make our flight. We had a layover in Detroit, about 3/4 of the students got to go back to AZ after a few minutes waiting. I had to wait for 4 hours until my flight left. It was a very bad 5 days -
Ok this really isn't an entire vacation story but it's the start of a bad one. Ok I'm origanally from Missouri but I'v recently moved to Seattle. Since I haven't seen my freinds in forever me and my friend (who also is from MO) decided to meet a bunch of our friends in viva las vegas (since we all recently turned 21, good timing eh?). Anyways me and my friend get all dressed up before we get to the plane, he was wearing a nice shirt and pants and I was wearing a very cute and sexy white lil haulter dressand while we were flying I decided that I wanted tomato juice for my refreshment, bad idea? As we were sitting there Ryan my friend with me crashs on my shoulder, no big deal. Then his head slips and hits my freaken glass of Tomato juice and that little freaken cup spills all over my lil sexy white dress (Just mine, not his) nice carma huh! so I sit there like an idiot trying to clean it up and thought I got most of the crap off no big deal. When we finally reach Vegas I didn't even think about my dress cus I was soooo excited to see all my friends from back home and especially my ex who I still secretly had a crush on. we get out of our gate and my friends look at us with disbelief! I looked like TRASH.. I had tried up tomato juice all over the back side of me where I didn't think it reached around to and it was all dried up and crusy looking.. swear to god it looked like 8 different kinds of vomit. So my first experience in the adult playground was horrific. I had to walk around all day untill we reached our hotel to even change and it's not like vegas hotels are RIGHT THERE NEXT TO THE AIRPORT. oh no you gotta take like 2 buses and walk 8 miles. So to all you chickas out there NEVER ask for tomato juice in a confined space. - Ciao Chel -
Here's mine.This was back in 1995 We were leaving Ireland after having lived there for 15 years to move to Belgium. For those of you who don't know, to travel from Ireland to Belgium, one can take a giant Catamaran to England, cross England by car and then take either an underground train to France or the boat, and finally cross France into Belgium. We had booked our Catamaran tickets and were real excited to take the brand new underground train (the Chunnel). But the situation wasn't all that ... comfortable. There were 4 of us in the car (a VW Passat that was ageing), plus the dog ( a big Irish Labrador), plus the cat in her cage (somewhat stuck under my legs), plus loads of extra luggage! To start off, the dog kept on slobbering all over the place and the cat, as if to compensate the lack of a stereo, started squealing. We crossed the Irish Sea no problem and left the dog and the cat in the car in the hull of the boat since they were forbidden on board. When we were asked to go back to the car, we found that the dog had eaten her muzzle, parts of the upholstery and slobbered even more all over the place. The crossing of England was OK (about 7 hours) except that every time we took the cat out of her cage for a walk she thought of nothing else but escape. We had to run after her more than once! The worst is what happened when we arrived at the Chunnel Check in. We saw a 'No Animals' sign post. We quickly hid the dog under a blanket and nervously drove to the check in. The clerk didn't notice a thing for a while... Suddenly, the dog moved and the blanket fell off (of course!). "Oh! You have a dog!" She cried. "Turn back!" We had to drive on to the Ferry port (about a 1/2h drive). Once again, we hid the dog (just in case) and there, once again, she popped her head out at the wrong time.This time, the dog was aloud on board but we needed to show them the dog's certificates! But they were in a mover's truck ...They told us that it could be possible for the dog (and us) to board a boat with a French pavilion (but not a boat with British pavilion) but were not sure. We drove on to the parking waiting for hours. My Mumwas already thinking of leaving the dog behind! After about three hour's waiting, the captain of the French ship beckoned us into the Ferry! The whole trip took 17 hours instead of just 11. What had astonished us most was that both Ferries (French and British Pavilion) were of the same company... Weird regulations... -Jac -
I went camping at Bass Lake, CA with my Mother, Stepfather, 1 year old brother Noah,3 year old brother Mason, and 12 year old brother JR. It was only for a few days, but it was enough to drive me nuts. Day 1: We realize we have no bug spray and it's Mosquito season. Momgoes down to the store and buys a can - for 10 $ and she's moody for the rest of the day. Meanwhile my youngest brother manages to bump his head on the table 6 times. Then the campground supervisor couple comes up in their little golf cart and tells us that our campsite it right on the edge of bear territory. Every night I woke up because the bears were searching our site for food. Day 2: Momdecides we should eat breakfast at a fancy restaurant across the lake. She decides to take a short cut, "Surely this road will lead all the way to the resort!" No such luck. We drive for more than half an hour, tummy's grumbling, Baby's screaming bloody murder, before she admits there probably isn't a road all the way around. We turn back for a while before we reach a cute little restaurant. We go in, and the waitress tells us that they're cook never showed up that morning. So we drive back to our campground and keep going along the road, and to our surprise, there's a restaurant about 2 minutes away from our campsite! Later we go swimming on the edge of the lake, and a pack of geese chase us back each time we get near the water. We move to another spot only to encounter the same problem again. and again. and again. We end up giving in to the evil little birds. The baby bumps his head 11 more times. Day 3: NOTHING TO DO. We're bored, and frustrated, tired, and grumpy. We argue all day. The only thing we all agree about is that the baby needs a helmet, and that we are looking forward to tomorrow, when we go home. Day 4: Packing Day: Mombosses us all around, making JR and I watch the little terrors AND help unpack our tents. The baby bumps his head twice. We finally cram ourselves into our two overly packed cars and drive off to Oakhurt, so we can get some lunch. We find our way into the Pizza Factory. Momdecides the cheapest way to feed us all and goes up to the desk to order. Apparently they don't open for half an hour. We could go across the street and eat something else that would probably have a lot less calories, but Mom's stubborn. We wait. and wait. when I'm about ready to eat my shoes, they come and take our order. more waiting. After eating we get into our cars, me with Momand the 2 year old, who get's sick halfway there. We pull over and she starts seriously debating whether or not to take him up the hill to the Valley Children's Hospital. But after my stepfather pulls over behind her we manage to talk some sense into her. After enough bad songs on the radio to make me hate music, we pull up to our house in Lemoore, CA. Then it was time to unpack.-Ness -
In my highschool years my friend and I decided to take her tiny white chevy on a 4 1/2 hour trip to Dallas from Houston, Texas.This was a spur of the moment decision.We told our folks we heading to Galveston only 40 minutes away.To make a long story short the car started having trouble and we could only drive at 30 miles an hour on the 70 mile an hour interstate.We hid our faces as cars drove around us and scowled at the turtle pace we drove. This two door car had a small whole in the passenger foot rest area.You could actually see the paved ground when driving.Spooking at 30 miles an hour., we could not call our parents, because we had lied about our destination.Once home (took all day) we found out something was stuck in the muffler.My friends Father pulled it out with no problem and the car was back in shape.Moral of the story.Don't lie to your parents. Marian -
During Spring Break, my Freshman year in college my Momconvinced my sister and I to go with her on a "just the girls" vacation.While she wanted to visit family in Puerto Rico, my sister and I wanted to go somewhere new on a real vacation not to visit family.So we compromised, we booked a flight to Puerto Rico, but also bought tickets for a new "Cruise" that went from Puerto Rico to the Dominican Republic.The cruise sounded great.The brochure advertised a casino, a night club a theater, restaurants, a pool, and cabins on this "cruise".We opted not to get the cabin since it sounded like we were going to be having allot of fun. We were very excited and after spending a couple of days in Puerto Rico visiting family, we boarded the boat.Well this is were the vacation turned sour.The "cruise" was really a ferry full of what I assumed to be migrant workers sleeping on the floor of the lobby.The theater was closed.The restaurant was overpriced and very limited in what food it served.The nightclub was completely empty.The casino was actually a closet with slot machines in it.You couldn't go in the pool because the "cruise" traveled at night, throughout the whole night, which meant that it was freezing outside.We ended up nearly freezing to death outside trying to take naps on beach chairs since in our infinite wisdom we opted for no cabin and once we boarded, we couldn't rent one.Finally we arrive in the Dominican Republic, you would think our vacation couldn't get better right?Wrong!Our hotel which we figured would be reliable since in was a Holiday Inn, was in the Ghetto. The Island was experiencing some problem with their electricity, so the light would go out: No ac; 90 degree weather.It rained every single day until our last day there.All of the people there stared at us all the time like we had two heads, I'm not sure why they did this.Finally we return to Puerto Rico after four miserable days.One the way back we were able to get a cabin and did not come out of it until the ship had arrived in Puerto Rico. It gets better... On the flight back home, my sister and I came back together and my mother stayed in Puerto Rico for an extra couple of days. We board the plan and are seated next to a very nervous woman who apparently hadn't flown before and was reading rosary beads the entire time all while talking to us about religion.As we are on the plane one of the passengers who had already checked in his luggage decided he had a bad feeling about the flight and didn't want to go.So they had to take out all of the luggage, find his and put all the luggage back.This took nearly two hours during which we sat in the plane with no air condition and burning up.The airline was one of those cheap airline, so they didn't provide food and the only thing they gave us throughout the wait was warm bottled water.We finally take off anxious to end this miserable vacation one to two hours into the flight we begin to experience some turbulence.Now, I've been flying several times a year since I was four years old.I'm used to turbulence on airplanes, and I'm normally very cool about it.But this was some serious turbulence!All of a sudden, the plane nose dives! and I mean it went vertical!!My sister, who is also an experienced flyer turns to me and we both scream and hug each other for dear life.Talking about it later, we were both sure we were going to crash and die.A few (of the longest) seconds later the plane levels off.We look around the plane and everyone is hysterical, praying, and even the grown men were crying.My sister starts Laughing hysterical so loud that everyone on the plane hears her (it's what she does when she gets nervous).Then everyone one the plane looks like they want to kill her!Especially the nut next to us.I attempt to cover my sisters mouth and the captain announces on the overhead that we flew into a Thunderstorm and had dumped our fuel in a attempt avoid exploding had the plane been struck by lightning.We landed in one of the Carolinas were we were delayed for about another hour while we fueled up, then finally left for home. When I look back now it doesn't seem real.But this had to be the worst vacation EVER! -
We were in Canada out in the woods. A bear broke into the cabin. We couldn't bring any guns. All we had were knives. It was a black bear. Then it broke into the cabin. That day we found a giant stick. It broke in in the middle of the night. My little brother hid under the bed. We also had sharpened the end of a mop. When it broke in we chased it away. Then we had some people shoot it. -
Every year there is a family vacation my Momand my sister and I all go every 2 years, well 3 years a go we went to Kansas, Missouri . My sister and I wonted to go summing (of course at night, every one knows how big bugs are there) I got in trouble for drowning my sister, So I got kicked out of the pool while I was trying to dry off the huge horse fly ( I mean this thing was big ) ladedon my chest I was screaming bloody murder telling my Momto get the bug off. They sat there laughing at me... I sat there and told my MomI will never go summing there again, We went last year after the stupid bug I would not go summing I kept on getting in trouble because I would not go summing. - Lisa from Denver, Colorado -
Alright, me and my family decided to take a trip to Oregon, and on the way down there, we stopped at a gas station and we all went in and then when we went back out and our car was GONE! and we saw some punk driving down the street in it with 3 other guys. so we called the rental place and they said they had ONE car left, and it was the ONLY car rental place around! so we had them take us the car,and when we got it, it was TINY! and our family of 6 wouldn't fit in an 4 seat car!and we were driving there and a TERRIBLE storm hit us! and there were trees flying around and my little sister Hannah WOULD NOT quit screaming! and my little brothers, (who are twins) were seeing who could burp the loudest! and me being the oldest of 15 HAD to take care of them and they WOULDN'T listen to me!! so when we got to the hotel that we were staying at, we found out that the clerk gave away our room and so we had to go to some other hotel, and the only one that wasen't booked was this dumpy little hotel that didn't have a swimming pool and only ONE bed! and the shower had rusty water! so in the morning we all got in our TINY car and drove to our cousins house who that we were staying at, and when we got there our screaming cousins came running out and jumped on me! so I pushed them off and Tyler hit his head and I got in trouble and I got grounded ON OUR VACATION! so the next day when we decided to go to the Beach, and when we got there we were playing in the water, and we were WAY out there!! and then there was a HORRIBLE storm!! we decided to go back to our car and we were trying, but we couldn't very well because there was HORRABLE winds! and so this log thingey flys out of NO WERE, and it knocked me over! so we went to the hospital and he said that I had a broken leg! so we decided to go was the WORST trip of my life!-Jessica -
I was 6. Every six year old wants to go to DisneyLand.I never want to go back.My older sister got the chicken pox.And of course a few days later, so did I.I couldn't even go to the parks.Not only did I have the chicken pox but I got so sick.Then came my first experience with Robotussin.My dad tried to give it to me while my whole family was having fun at Epcot.I absolutely could not stand the smell of that crap.My dad tried to mix it.With anything, everything we had.I remember soda, didn't work.Orange juice, didn't work.Milk, I puked.I continued to puke.I got even more sick.I remember him making me take an ice bath, I guess I had a bad fever.I HATE cold water.It was bad.To this day I have never taken robotussin.Or a cold bath.- Lori, 23 -
My family and I went on vacation to south cousin and my brother wanted to go out in the ocean but my Momsaid no because we were eating lunch on the pier.My brother goes down anyways and my cousin assumes our Momsaid ok and he goes with him.they get out in the ocean and high tide is coming.then all of a sudden we here someone scream "mom!"my Momnoticed it was my brother and she looks over to the ocean and she can't see my brother or my aunt (my cousins mom) races down the pier to get to the ocean.when she gets down there come to find out my brother and cousin were stuck under the pier!They were holding on to thte pilons while huge waves came and knocked them off the pilons. They kept going under the water and my cousin would stay under for a really long time then he would come the time my Momgot to the ocean my aunt was halfway to them and she couldn't go any further.then these men just race into the water and one of them grabs my brother and the other one grabs my cousin.Then out of nowhere this guy comes and grabs my aunt. the water was to their waist and almost to my brother and cousins necks.It was horrible and my brother and cousin are okay but they will have scars from the pilon for the rest of their lives. It was horrible the rest of our vacation was stuck indoors. -
I made plans a month in advance to go see my best friend and her new baby.I live in Mandan, North Dakota and she lived in Casper Wyoming at the time.To start off I made the plans for March, and it can be rather unpredictable weather at times.That winter was pretty tame that year and March started out nice.No storms, no snow, so I thought "well this is cool"well the day that we were to take off, the BIGGEST storm of the entire winter comes through, and all the roads and interstates that I was going to take were closed up so of course we wait for the next day and everything opened up again.So the next day the adventure began.It was myself, my boyfriend and our baby who was about 6 months old at the time.Well, I found out fast that my boyfriend and roadtrips didnt go together and we had a good 12 hour drive ahead of us.First and formost the complaining started in.The sun was too hot the wind was too cold the air was too breathtaking the trees were too brown the car was too bumpy and of course my driving sucked(I was doing just fine considering my blood pressure rising) then it was either every third hill or 5 miles whichever came first I would hear, "I gotta pee" from him.So I would stop at every town at a gas station for him to do so or we would have to pull over.Well it went like that for the next 9 hours then we stopped at a rest stop on the interstate for the 10,000th pit stop for him and we all got out nd stretched since we were at a warm place.We all piled back into the car, and as I tried to go from park to sWe are in the middle of nowhere its dark, its cold, my boyfriend wont stop peeing or complainng., and now my car is broken.We get out I yell and yell and yell about the constant stopping and what its done to my car and we start fighting so I get mad and take off back towards the interstate, or so I wanted him to think.I just hid around the corner on some playground equipment to get some peace of mind.After about a half hour I came back to see him in the car with our son still complaining and asking what we are going to do so I went back inside the rest stop and dialed the helpline on the wall for a tow truck.And I called my Friend to let her know that we will have to start over tommarrow.Well the tow truck came and took us 40 miles back to the nearest town.By this time The two of us were not talking to each other any more.Thanks to AAA we got a cheap room so I said okay then I asked the lady a couple hours later if I could have another room for myself since all the Bo and I were doing is fighting.She let me have it free since I offered to clean it myself before I left its a small price to pay for 8 hours of no complaining.So the next morning I dished out for the new part for the car and the $140.00 tow bill and the adventure starts again.We drove the next three hours in silence except the pull over I gotta pee stuff. We get there, we hate each other, we stay for two days, then the adventure starts again for the trip home, which was same stuff minus the car trouble.And now I will NEVER let him go with again if its longer than a couple hours.Not unless I bring a urinal and he agrees to ride in the trunk. -
My mom, sister (Amber), stepdad (Ricky) friends, Danielle and Diana, and myself went to Beaufort, South Carolina. So we took our boat too because we knew we'd be in the ocean and all. Sowe got a motel and took the boat out the next day. We also had a jetski just for fun. So in Beaufort, there is all this marsh and sand islands everywhere and dolphins swim beside your boat. Well we took the boat back out on the third morning. We went on this island and kinda rode the boat far enough on land for it to be in the sand, you know. So then we parked the boat and my Momlayed out on the sand and we took the jet skis out crusing around for a few hours or so. While riding we flipped the jet ski in the ocean and I thought that was scary, but that wasn't as bad as what would come next... I got back on the jetski and we rode back on the island to take a "tour" around it walking alone... Keep in mind---no one was watching the boat. We walked along the shore and I stepped on some oyster beds and got my feet all messed up...I still, a year later have scars from it. So yeah I felt like I was about to die. Once I hopped off one oyster bed I landed on another. Then i saw my step dad, ricky, on the jet ski, a few minutes later so I told him to take me back to the boat because my feet were bleeding really bad. I was hoping that there were some bandages on the boat but there weren't. My Momjust told me to put paper towels on my feet and wear shoes, but my flip flops had gotten washed away by the tide, so I tried to convince my Momto take me because k to the hotel, but she wouldn't leave that little small desserted island... so it was about five or so in the after noon and Ricky told us that we needed to move our boat because it looked like it was gonna get stuck when the tide went down all the way, but by that time it was too late. we tried digging, but the boat wasn't going anywhere. Ricky said we could wait until high tide at about 12 midnight and get the boat back out. So we decided to wait it out. At about 8 o clock at night the clouds got really dark and about an hour later it started to storm really bad... At about 2 o clock in the morning, the storm was rly bad and we were still stuck on that stupid island with no one around... they(not me, my feet were still in pain) were pushing the boat with all their might trying to get it because k out to sea but the tide was pushing it farther and farther onland (and let me tell pontune boats are rly heavy!)So later on we started pushing the boat out with the jet ski and after about what seemed like forever, the boat started to move! I was like yay!! So here we were in pitch black dark and we didn't know which way was the main land or where marshes we headed out to sea only a little bit because we were scared the boat would get sanded on another stupid Ricky took the jet ski ou t a little way to see if he could find land...he said he would stay near but he didn't HE LEFT US!! So I was like great, because he was the only one who even half way knew where we I even thought he was dead, and figured we would soon be too...but he came back like 30 minutes later saying he found a way!! So we took the boat back safely to land but my feet were still hurting and I could barely walk but my feet are okay now except for scaring and everyone was safe and all...but that was officially the WORST vacation I haver ever had! -
About a year ago, my friends and I decided to go to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Islands of Adventure in Orlando. I had never been before so I had no idea what to expect except haunted houses. We left in the afternoon just before rush hour traffic so we could make a clean drive to orlando. About 2 hours into the drive a nasty storm passed over causing the roads to get wet. While being young crazy friends, we were talking and goofing around when the driver was distracted and ran over a piece of rubber from a tire. When she hit it she went out of control and off road. we ended up getting stuck in a ditch for about 2 hours until the tow-truck pulled us out. After we got over it we finally got to orlando and arrived at the hotel that we had reservations for. since we had a traffic problem, we were runing late and they said we were in the computer as no shows and they already gave our room away. after an hour of arguing over that ordeal they finally gave us a room sinilar to what we paid for. the next night we finally got to go to the park and basically be scared all night. I was soooo excited! all was fine and dandy after we went through a few haunted houses. once we hit the 3-D "fun house" full of clowns that pop out at you, things changed. the scary, sharp teethed masks really scared the crap out of me so 2 seconds into the house I had my head burried in someone elses back and just tried to get through it. towards the end of the house I looked up only to see a huge clown face staring right into my eyes with a chain saw reving up behind me..natural reaction I screamed and ran out. as I ran out the clown had accidently steppend on my pants that were loose for comfort and they got ripped all the way down the side seam and up the butt crack. so scared I paid no attention and ran out with all showing. after that I had to buy a pair of shorts so I wouldnt be so exosed. the rest of the night I stayed away from any other houses. I dont think ill be going back there any time soon! -
Me and my best friend's dream vacation became a nightmare; literally. To celebrate our high school graduation, me and my best friend decided to go on a trip to Bangkok. I wanted to visit Hawaii, but my friend insisted on going to Bangkok, so finally I gave in; but we decided not to tell our parents because they wouldn never let us. So when we arrived we ended up staying in this crappy 'hotel'. There were bugs everywhere and it was disgusting. Then we met this totally hot guy there, and my friend was invited to spend the night with him. I was angry because I liked him too, but I let it go. Anyways, after their little slumber party, he asked her if she would go on a 3 day side trip to Hong Kong with him. (He also invited me) We were reluctant, because we didn't really know this guy, but he bought the first class tickets and everything, so we were like "ok, why not." So as we were boarding the plane a few days later (he was already in Hong Kong) the airport guard started yelling something at us in his language but we couldn 't understand him. So all of a sudden the police come and take me and my friend away yelling and screaming at us! We didn't know what was happeneing, but next thing we knew we were in jail, and we didn't know any of the language. So finally we were able to call my dad, and it turns out that the police found a big bag of heroine in my friends bag. First she blamed me for it, then we knew who had really done it; the guy we both fell for (the one we were supposed to meet in Hong Kong) we told the authorities that and it turns out he was using a fake name/I.D./etc. so there was no way of locating him. So now we're stuck in this jail and our attorny makes a deal, but only one of us can leave. I told my friend to go, but she insisted that I go. Finally, after she begged me to leave; I did. Walking out of that jail cell was the hardest thing I ever did in my whole life. I had to just walk away from my best friend. Then I flew back to America, and she stayed in the prison. She is still there to this day. I visit her about once a year, but visitors can only stay for about 20 minutes. I feel so bad... I haven't been on vacation since this whole thing happened. I just can't bring myself to do it. If only we had known. -anonymous -
One year my family and one friend went to the beach, my parents and sister went shopping one day so my friend and I went swimming. After that we went to the outdoor shower to rinse off. So of course we took our swimsuits and towels off. Well, while we were in there my brother and guy cousin came out and took our stuff inside.(they didn't know we were in the shower) When we were done I noticed our stuff was gone. I FREAKED OUT !! we had to run around the front of the house with nothing on! ( By the way the house faces the beach!) So EVERYONE on the beach could see us.My brother opened the door, he laughed so hard and so did my cousin. - Melissa -
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